VAST Editor


What is VAST?

The Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) is an XML standard developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for serving video ads and tracking their performance.

VAST is a common video advertising protocol that bridges the gap between different platforms, operating systems, and device types. It ensures that ads can be correctly understood and presented, regardless of where they are played. VAST provides a set of standard metadata that specifies the type, length, skippable status, creative location, click-through target, and other properties of an ad.

About the VAST editor

VAST XML is complex that can be difficult to read and understand with a normal editor. This is why VAST Editor exists. VAST Editor make it easy for anyone in the advertising industry, to identify and understand VAST XML.

How to use VAST editor?

  • Paste VAST XML content into editor and you will see the key informations.
  • Do not forget to format content before editing.
  • If someone asks you for VAST XML, it is recommended that you format it and give it to them.

Is VAST editor compatible with different VAST XML versions?

Yes, VAST Editor supports multiple VAST XML versions, including VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0.